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Architectural Control Committee 


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was formed as part of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of Eaglemont Community Homeowners Association (EHOA).  The CC&Rs are a part of ever deed to every property in Eaglemont and grant the Association the legal authority to review, approve, or disapprove the details and written plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, colors, and location of proposed living units, buildings, fences, walls, landscaping, or other structures, exterior additions, changes, or alterations, clearing or excavations of lots, or cutting of trees.  This authority is vested by the EHOA in the ACC.  The ACC must give written approval BEFORE clearing of a lot, construction, or changes and made to existing construction.  This approval must be given prior to the painting or repainting of any structure.  The City of Mount Vernon as well as any other public agency will not issue building permits without the written approval from the ACC.


The role of the ACC is to ensure the overall integrity of Eaglemont and to maintain the values of our homes within our golf community.


The form for approval of these activities can be found on this here:



Please submit these forms to:


Debra Wheeler

General Manager, Eaglemont Community Homeowners Association

1521 Brentwood Lane

Mount Vernon, WA  98274

(360) 770-7334



Secondary contact:


Heather Waldron

Chairman, Architectural Control Committee

(360) 202-2381

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