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Architectural Control Committee 


The Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”) has two purposes:  to preserve a  unified design for the community and to protect the value of the Eaglemont properties.  The written Design Guidelines for the Eaglemont Community Homeowners Association (“ECHA”) were developed and recorded with the Skagit County Auditor back in 1994 at the time the first homes were built in the community with several subsequent amendments having been made and recorded.  Every Eaglemont homeowner should have received a copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”) which include the Design Guidelines at the time they purchased their home.  If you need a copy, the CC&Rs may be found on this web site here.


            The ACC carries out its function by requesting homeowners before starting their project to complete a request for approval of their plan to renovate the exterior of the home, plan to revise landscaping, or plan for construction of a new home on an empty lot.  There are three forms available below for these purposes:  Request for Renovations, Request for Painting, Permit for New Construction.  A request for painting form must be completed even if the home will be repainted the same color.  However, if a project is routine maintenance (such as pruning) or a repair (such as replacing some siding with the exact same material of the same color), then no request need be submitted.  If in doubt, ask the chair of the ACC or the HOA Manager.


            The ACC endeavors to respond to a homeowner’s request for approval in a timely manner, usually within 7 to 10 days.  In some cases, a site visit may be needed, and an ACC member will contact the homeowner to arrange a mutually convenient time.  Following approval, the homeowner is requested to contact the ACC when the project is completed so that a compliance review can be made, usually by just one committee member.


            The ACC may have up to 7 members who are to be approved by the Board.  Occasionally, there is a vacancy on the ACC.  Any person who owns a home or condo in Eaglemont is eligible to serve on the committee.  If you are interested, please contact the chair of the ACC or the HOA Manager.











Please submit these forms to:

Debra Wheeler

General Manager, Eaglemont Community Homeowners Association

1521 Brentwood Lane

Mount Vernon, WA 98274


Secondary contact:

Heather Waldron

Chairman, Architectural Control Committee

(360) 202-2381

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