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Dues are necessary to pay for the maintenance and management of all common areas.  In addition, a portion of the dues as approved annually are classified into a reserve account to long term capital repairs or for unexpected events.  Prompt payments by all homeowners is appreciated and necessary.

An invoice for your dues are sent out quarterly to all property owners.  For the current years dues, the value is set at $175.00 per quarter or $700.00 per year.


Some important points to remember when it comes to dues are:

  • Dues are to be paid by the 15th of the billing month (January, April, July and October).

  • The entire amount must be paid by the due date or interest rates will accrue. Payment on a monthly basis is not authorized by the CC&Rs.  Paying dues on a yearly basis is acceptable.

  • The EHOA bookkeepers will send invoices by mail or email before the due date, but they will always be dated for January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

  • Should payment not be received, a reminder will be sent to the homeowner along with a statement showing the outstanding balance

  • In cases of non-payment following a reminder, the Association will attempt to arrange a payment plan.  Failing this or in the case of non-response, a lien will be filed on the property with the homeowner responsible for all associated costs.


Where should I pay my dues?

The best way to pay your HOA dues is by electronic payment from the email link provided quarterly, or to mail a check or have your bank auto-pay to the association’s mail box at


Eaglemont Community Homeowners Association

4724 Parkview Lane 

Mount Vernon, WA  98274

Note:  Credit cards may be considered.  In the future there may be a fee for their use.  You can always call the HOA Manager,  Debra Wheeler at 360-770-7334 or email who will work out a way to receive the payment.

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