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The Eaglemont Community Home Owners Association (Association) is a non-profit organization that sustains and protects Eaglemont’s quality of life by caring for the environment and administering the covenants (CC&R) of the Association. As defined in the by-laws and the CC&Rs the purpose of the Association is:

  • Interpret, administer and enforce the CC&Rs to protect and enhance the property value of all owners

  • Maintain the common areas for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone in Eaglemont

  • Assess, collect and disburse dues from all members in accordance with the CC&Rs

  • Ensure that the Association is in compliance with all State and local regulations


Eaglemont is a planned community that is defined and zoned to approximately 780 lots. All homeowners agree to a common set of covenants when they purchase homes or lots. The Association manages landscape, maintenance and the operation of common areas for the benefit of all. In addition The Association is responsible for the day to day administration such as interacting with government agencies, title companies and other associations. Most importantly are the dealings with homeowners. The Association responds to all inquiries whether they are lights that are defective, infractions of the CC&Rs, removal of dangerous trees, parking and many other events that any homeowner wishes to bring to its attention. 

The Association has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) that establishes guidelines for all development in the Eaglemont area.

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