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The role of the ACC is to ensure the overall integrity of Eaglemont and to maintain the values of our homes within our golf community. For more information click here.


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The Eaglemont Landscape Committee has been chartered by the HOA Board to help them ensure the beauty of the common areas maintained by the Eaglemont HOA.  We do this through beautification projects to these common areas, recommendations for the disposition of dead/dying plants, and yearly feedback to the HOA Board on the status of Eaglemont landscaping.  We focus mainly on the mulched planting areas, giving priority to those along Waugh, followed by the other common areas.  Whenever possible, we try to do community planting “parties” that save Eaglemont homeowners money and help generate a sense of comradery.  We do not manage our landscape maintenance contractors but do provide feedback to the HOA Board on their performance.


The Eaglemont Social Committee looks for ways to involve the residents of Eaglemont in group activities. Some examples of what we have done are Seahawk gameday gatherings, outdoor movies at the Eaglemont Clubhouse, support of Skagit Herald Toy drive and an HOA BBQ. Our committee is open to new members and ideas.  Our chairperson is Susan Alexander.  Contact her at if you would like additional information or are interested in joining the committee.

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